A Fair Trade Desert Salt

LUNN winter: A Fair Trade Desert Salt – Winter Harvest

Lunn means ‘salt’ in the local Rajasthani dialect. Lunn is a Fair-Trade certified desert salt. This certificate ensures that a percentage of sales goes towards the socio-economic development of the salt farmers and workers involved throughout the supply chain.

Through eco-friendly sustainable harvesting, saline ground water is pumped through wells and collected in pans for evaporation. This results in the formation of salt crystals which are low in Sodium but rich in Calcium, Magnesium, Sulfates and natural elements.

The winter harvest is a result of slow evaporation process under clear skies which give the crystal a pristine white glow and a distinctive taste to the Lunn.

  • Packed in in glass jar with adjustable grinder cap & also available in resealable zip lock pouches
  • Adjustable Grinder Cap for Crushing From Coarse To Fine.
  • For smooth grinding experience twist the grinder cap (under the lid) back and forth instead of one direction.

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